My happiestmoment is when i got first salary

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Getting passed out of my SSC with first class after eagerly searching for my number in a local newspaper is my happiest moment. Apr 12,  · I remember getting a call from my admissions counselor before I received my acceptance letter, and he told me that I had gotten it.

I was so excited, especially since he called me to tell me that I got in! I will admit that my first semester was rough, and that I was questioning if.

After i got my offer letter from the i called my MOM first and she was so happy with the news, that was the day when i made my parents proud. We will write a custom essay on My First Job and First Salary specifically for you. Mar 10,  · When I started my first company, I would spend my lunch hour each day in my car, making phone calls hoping they wouldn't go over my allotted break.

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Once I got home and got Author: Dana Severson. Oct 07,  · Top 10 Happiest Moments in one’s Life. Article by Aashima Singh, October 7, Life. Can you describe it in a word, in a sentence, in a paragraph?

My First Job and First Salary Essay

Nobody can as there is nothing constant about it, everything keeps changing. My Happiestmoment Is When I Got First Salary The first time I got arrested It all started one warm summer night in Lynn, Massachusetts back in good old I had just almost passed my sophomore year in high school falling one credit shy.

My happiestmoment is when i got first salary
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