The first generation currency crisis model finance essay

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Paul Krugman

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Second generation models In first generation models, Government and Central Bank behaviour is not fully rational In the s currency crisis occurred even in the presence of good “economic fundamentals” As a consequence new currency crisis model were developed In 2° generation models the exit from a fixed exchange rate regime is the result of a strategic.

The exchange rate of currency in relation to other currencies represents the price of currency being expressed in terms of another currency or otherwise the expression in a national currency of a monetary unit price of the foreing country.

The First Generation Currency Crisis Model Finance Essay Reinhart, ). A currency crisis is an episode in which the exchange rate depreciates substantially during a short period of time.

Although widely used by governments, surprisingly few studies have analysed how bond financing of fiscal deficits affects crises vulnerability. Buiter () extended the model to include one-off government borrowing with foreign currency denominated bonds.

The study does not, however, analyse the case where domestic credit is held constant via borrowing.

Currency crisis

The ERM crisis of necessitated the development of a new, second-generation model of currency crises. Obstfeld () rationalized the new generation of currency crises as a multiple.

depletion of international reserves, and, eventually, a devaluation crisis.1 Theoretically, this prototypical crisis is neatly explained by Krugman’s () “first-generation” speculative attack model.

The first generation currency crisis model finance essay
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